Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Honey + Vodka weekend

My parents not that long ago have moved to the South Coast of NSW. They bought a big house and my dad had decided that he will take up the one thing that he always had loved... bee keeping. So he went out and bought 3 bee hives. One produces heaps of honey, and the other two not so much.

This weekend, we packed Lucy and went to visit for the weekend to spend some time on the beach and of course it rained! It rained the WHOLE time we were there! So for nothing to do, once Lucy was down for the night we sampled my mums Polish Honey Vodka. Delicious and if anyone is interested so easy to make. All you need is good quality vodka and good quality honey. Pour out some of the vodka and pour in some honey... the more honey the less strong the shot but so much smoother and sweeter. Enjoy!