Sunday, 9 February 2014


TEETHING- its an amazing concept really, from the time your baby is about four months old (on average) till they are around 3 they will get all their baby teeth including molars. The teeth one by one will decide to come out whenever they choose and WOLA your baby has teeth and can now bite through food, have a go at furniture and occasionally you and the unsuspecting individual.

I have been quiet lucky really and have had really good experiences with teething babies. I occasionally had to use Bonjela or even some Panadol but on average the kids I have cared for have taken teething in their stride and have been troopers... and then came along my little girl.

She is seven and a half months and her mouth looks like its exploding with little budding teeth and she is LETTING ME KNOW that she is in pain... what I realised is that teeth have no respect to your well organised sleeping routine and the months it took you to instill it. They don't care that your trying to sleep, to write, to have a shower or cook. They are causing my gorgeous girl so much pain that she is letting me know and nothing works really well.  I have tried all sorts of remedies, natural and not so natural and they relieve the pain for a 'little bit' but then she is back to crying and demanding to be carried around. If anyone knows of any remedies I'm open to suggestions and in the mean time...  wish me luck! I might have months... no YEARS of this left...

My poor brave little sausage xx

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