Monday, 17 March 2014

weekend markets

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Don't you just love going to the markets and wandering around deciding that you really don't need anything but that you would love to buy everything. This weekend I spend both Saturday and Sunday at the markets. It wasn't really a planned thing but it turned out that way.

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On Saturday my gorgeous sister and I decided to break away for a little bit from the kids and go and have lunch. We met at Rozelle and there we realised that the Rozelle Markets were on... what a treat we thought! So we spend an hour browsing the stalls and I ended up with nothing while she bought cloths, jewellery and even a book for her son and all REALLY CHEAP. A great impulse decision if you ask me.

I also have to tell you about the little bar that we discovered in Rozelle, now its probably not that new but I haven't lived in the area now for a few years and it sure wasn't there before I left. It is called The Corner Bar and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there. Had some nice lunch and a few cocktails...Yum!
Overall it was a great day and it was followed by more markets on Sunday!

On Sunday my hubby, Lucy and I went to the Baby and Kids Market. The markets are on most Sundays in different locations and every two weeks they come to near us. I love these markets, if you want to sell your old stuff or buy some second hand gems for your baby and toddlers, this is the perfect place for you!. We picked up some good quality winter GroBags for $10... a bargain! and some little toys for Lucy to play with, all before the big storm hit Sydney. What are your favourite markets?

Got to love weekends xx

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