Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekend of Cake

I have just had the most sweetest weekend on record, I think I have put on at least 5 kilo and all in the last two days, but my it was also a very delicious weekend!

On Saturday I packed  up my hubby and our gorgeous girl and we went to our friends for an afternoon BBQ. I soon realised that going to a BBQ at someones house with no other children present is slightly isolating. It started off really good with delicious food and good company and since my hubby was drinking I had my one glass of wine, yum. But then Lucy started getting bored and wasn't satisfied with just sitting around on my and other people's laps, so I went into the living room and we spend the afternoon playing on the rug. Fun for me.

B.L. (Before Lucy), I would spend hours outside with friends talking and drinking and being social, now I spend BBQ's in the living room with my daughter.. more or less what I would do at home really. But I really don't mind, not really, kind of nice chilling with Lucy.

OK but I haven't mentioned the vanilla slice I had or the slice of apple pie and a little bit of cheese cake!! yep all in the one afternoon.

It doesn't end there because on Sunday it was my good friends birthday. Once again took the hubby and the daughter and this time went to the park for a picnic. This time much more child friendly, my friend also has a little baby same age as Lucy, so they spend the afternoon feeding ducks and trying to eat the grass and twigs and anything else that they found on the ground, all the stuff we didn't want them to have. It was a great afternoon spent on the grass playing with our little ones and chatting and of course eating cake! So after the eating frenzy on Saturday I didn't think I could beat that, but I sure did. I had lemon cheesecake, lamingtons, strawberry birthday cake and some banana cake!!! yep I did it again and ate so much sugar that its a wonder that I'm not a diabetic!

So the weekend is nearly at an end and after a nutritious dinner of fish and salad I just might have some more cake (it'll be a shame for it to go to waste!), but the diet needs to start on Monday.

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