Thursday, 24 April 2014


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How many of you have gone to the Easter Show this year? What you think? Really, what you think?? Did you enjoy the queues? Did you enjoy the gorgeous smells of the animals? The millions of kids trying to get on a ride, trying to buy a show bag, trying to buy something to eat, or just running away from their parents?

I do understand that its a tradition here to go to the Easter Show throughout the Easter season, but REALLY unless you have kids and they literally have twisted your arm and guilt you with things like:
"all my friends are going",
"No one will like me if you don't take me",
"You don't love me enough to take me" etc etc etc..... 
so unless your kids are at the age when that happens, I say why torture yourself?
I have spent years going to the Easter Show with kids that I nannied and spend the whole time chasing them from this and that place (but I was PAID to do it!). I was SOOOOOO glad that this year I didn't have to do it. Lucy is much too little to appreciate it and I have saved myself my sanity and my hard earned money.

My opinion, if you have a choice because your kids are not asking to go, DON'T GO. There will be YEARS of being forced to go by kids that know how to guilt you into it and you will regret starting early.

Of course there are good moments and it does mean that the kids are so exhausted afterwards that they just collapse into bed. Though I'm not sure you will appreciate the peace and quiet because your just as exhausted as they are.

Happy end of school holidays everyone

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