Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kids activities for Autumn

I love autumn and that's not to say I don't like the other seasons also, but there's something special about this time of the year. Firstly and most importantly it gets cooler, and after months of having the air con on and continuously sweating, its kind of nice to just cool down. Its the perfect temperature really, in the 20s during the day and nice crisp nights just perfect for a warm quilt.
Also the leaves changing colour and the trees slowly becoming bare (well some trees anyway) makes everything look pretty.
Anyway I have gone of track, this is my list of kid activities for Autumn. It is just my personal list and I would love to hear any other ideas?

  1. The park becomes a special place that is perfect in the sun with a warm jumper on. I love parks that have big deciduous trees and there is nothing better than jumping in piles of leaves and kicking them all about
  2. I also enjoy collecting the fallen leaves for the numerous amount of craft that can be made with them
  3. The cooler weather means that more energetic activities become more appealing like going for long walks, riding bikes in the park, or just playing in the park all day
  4. Autumn sun is gorgeous and nothing better than going to the beach and playing in the sand (in the full sun with a hat on that is) and building sand castles, collecting shells and even fishing 
  5. The shorter days are also great for indoor play and lazy days baking and doing craft
So these are my ideas, let me know of any others?

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