Thursday, 29 May 2014

the fun in rhyme

After deliberations and discussions, I have decided (along with the hubby) that we will not send Lucy to childcare as yet. The more I thought about it, the more I realised how much I actually enjoy spending time with her and how much I would miss out on if I were to leave her in childcare.

Its not forever, I will have to eventually go back to work but for the time being I will just attempt to fill her mornings up with activities so she doesn't get too bored at home and drive me crazy.

This is where Rhyme Time came in, it is just one way that we will fill our mornings. Our local library is really great where it comes to kid activities and its only ten minutes up the road. They host Rhyme Time twice a week and have Story Time twice a week for the older kiddies too.

Lucy and I have been to Rhyme Time previously, but with juggling her sleeps along with the after school care I do and the house work we have not been regulars.

So I have decided that now that Lucy is not going to childcare I will make every effort to entertain her in the mornings, so off we went to Rhyme Time. And I must say she loved it! but I'm not sure in the way that you would think... she spent the first ten minutes quietly sitting and listening to the readings and some of the songs, starring at me doing the actions and all the other parents. Then she realised that she wasn't tied to me and off she went! crawling through all the parents and the kids, talking and trying to distract everyone, giggling to herself along the way.

I spend the rest of the time either watching her running off or chasing her as she made a break through the crowds and headed out the door on all fours!

I think we will need to attempt it on a regular basis so she learns to sit and pay attention, but regardless the smile on her face as she made friends with the crowd makes me think she had a great time!

Success I think and now off to try out our local Playgroup

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