Saturday, 17 January 2015

its been a while....

It really has been a while. I haven't written a post in nearly 6 months and I don't really have a big reason why, only thing that comes to mind is that I had no inspiration and a growing toddler that took up a lot of my spare time.

But I have decided to dedicate a little bit of time to jot down some more of my thoughts since I do find it therapeutic to be able to get things of my chest and not harass my hubby or friends with all my random thoughts.

We have moved and are now living in a big house far away from water. I do miss the ocean and the proximity that we had to it. Even when I didn't go into it, I still enjoyed going out for long walks with a great view. But now we do have a swimming pool and use it daily trying to escape this hot summer which is great, and Lucy has a big backyard to ran around. With the multiple shark sightings around Newcastle and the attack in Mollymook, not going into the ocean doesn't seem so bad!

I have been busy moving, knitting, renovating and looking for work, but now things have settled down so I can take a breather and enjoy the rest of the summer.

swing fun

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