Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My raspberry ripple disaster

I have been on the I Quit Sugar program for a couple of weeks now. I think I do feel a bit better, I don't seem to get the afternoon cravings as much as I use to and I think my skin is looking much clearer. The big bonus is that I also have lost a little bit of weight, not much but enough to make me feel like its working.

To be honest I haven't really craved sugar as much as I thought I would. I mean I think about it daily but my determination to be a healthier me is more stronger. The biggest lesson that I have learnt throughout the first two weeks is that so much of the sugar that I consumed I didn't even know was there. Sugar is everywhere and unless you make everything from scratches be prepared to have added sugar. The biggest culprit is anything classified as "low or no fat" or "diet", it is amazing the amount of sugar that goes into these products. They take out the fat and add heaps of sugar, and that is suppose to be healthy?

The whole process has made me re think my shopping list and I had to change the yoghrts I ate, the bread, the sauces (from salad dressing to katchup), anything pickled more or less had to go and even cans of tomato I needed to switch. There are a lot of sugar free products on the shelf which are still delicious but they tend to be more expensive. I find the process has been very educational.

Now about this raspberry ripple. Well in the book I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson, the raspberry ripple recipe is claimed to be their most popular and repeated. So after two weeks on the program I decided that I needed a treat, albeit a non sugary one, so I made it.

I must say from the start I was going into the recipe with a bit of scepticism. It involves a lot of butter and coconut oil, and I have never been a fan of anything greasy. I do think that I might have done something wrong because the one in the book didn't not look anything like my finished product. But you be the judge and have a look at the pictures below. And the taste, well it tasted oily and not really something I'll be making again any time soon. I think I'll just stick to the savoury treat recipes.

photo taken from the I Quit Sugar website
and my version

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