Tuesday, 25 February 2014

commando crawling

OK so now I have a little crawler on my hands. One day she was sitting all by herself unsupported and we were so proud of her and her great achievement and then literally within a blink of an eye she is mobile and off on her knees, hands and tummy really... she still hasn't figured out that she can go so much faster if she lifted her tummy off the ground... but I'm secretly grateful for that.

So now we have this dilemma of constant vacuuming (well its my issue, hubby not that worried)... I mean I'm continuously vacuuming! I'm vacuuming daily but she somehow still manages to find the smallest bit of dirt on the ground and attempt to eat it! I have dealt with hoovering babies before and I know that it wont harm (its still gross though) I just cant imagine that my little girl is eating dirt and so I vacuum all the time.

This also has led me to realise that even though we have spend some time going through the house and child proofing it, we haven't done the great job that we thought we had. Lucy still finds the rare cable hanging from somewhere, we realised that there are MANY sharp corners at our place and low hanging surface and that the bin is her favourite item to aim for on her journey through her home.

So I'm loving that I have a healthy, happy and adventurous little girl on my hands and I have come to realise that she will get even more mobile and that we will eventually need a bigger place for her to ran around. House hunting is NOT my favourite past time but I have a feeling after July we will need to move! I love the area I live in but also love the idea of a sea change or a mountain change,          somewhere with less traffic and more room to run around. Anyone know of good places to move to? I'd love to hear idea?

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