Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hunter Valley and Bruce Springsteen Weekend

This weekend my husband and I, along with some friends, drove to the Hunter Valley to see Bruce Springsteen live at the Hope Estate. I have never been a great fan but I must say the concert was amazing and the guy sure knows how to entertain.

It was also the first time that we spend away overnight from our gorgeous daughter. She was completely happy and safe with her Auntie and Uncle and cousins but I'm not sure hubby and I were so happy about it to begin with. We did spend a lot of the journey to the Hunter talking about her but once we arrived it was GREAT!! We had adult conversations with no interruption, we relaxed on the grass and enjoyed some yummy food and wine and of course some great music!

On the way home, after midnight, I couldn't wait to get home and to bed and I must admit a Lucy cuddle would have been great. Knowing she was being spoilt by her family, I had THE BEST night sleep in a LONG time. I wasn't woken up at 2 am and 4 am, just to have a dummy put back in. I slept all the way though to 10am! All the things that you take for granted before having kids, like sleep, become very important and scarce. When I was working, I always turned up fully energised after a long night sleep and looked at the poor parents struggling to get ready to go to work and now I finally understand how the poor buggers must have been feeling. OUCH!

So in conclusion, I had a great day and night at the Bruce Springsteen concert (I see why he is The Boss) and I absolutely LOVE the Hunter Valley (can imagine retiring at a winery!) but the greatest part of the whole experience was the gorgeous uninterrupted sleep I got and the beautiful excited smiles I received when I picked Lucy up from her Aunties!
Big kisses to my sis and her hubby for the help xx

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