Sunday, 2 February 2014

My poor little 7 month old baby is sick, apparently its just a 'viral infection' but there is nothing worse then seeing her poor little eyes look at me asking for help, knowing there is nothing much I can do. So I do the only thing I can and that is dose her up with panadol and nurofen. It seems to work for a small period of time, she then sits and smiles at me with her doped out eyes but at least I know she is not in pain anymore, which makes me in turn, feel better.

As a nanny I have looked after many sick children, from a mild park accident which caused a  'boo boo' to high fevers and burst appendix. I felt sorry for all the children and it would break my heart to see them in so much pain. I take my hot off to the parents that left their kids in my care knowing that they were not well. I don't think that i could do that, leave her with someone else besides me. I can now appreciate the million of phone calls that I would receive from worried parents wanting to see how 'their little one' was doing. It takes a lot of courage and determination to remain at work while your baby is sick. It also makes me realise the faith and trust that they have put in me.

So lets hope my little one gets better as predicted by the doctor.. in 48 hours and we can see her gorgeous smile and energy again.

I have found a great site from the children's hospital that gives you detailed information on fever