Wednesday, 26 March 2014

7 good reasons why being a Nanny is tops!

swing fun
There are many reasons why being a nanny is Great, but here I thought I would share my list

  1. The great kids you will eventually learn to love! nothing better then getting to work to be met by little people that are actually excited to see you.. what job offers that incentive?
  2. You are your own boss. Of course within limits, but you get to decide what you do on a daily basis, be it the park or cafe for babycino or friends house for a play date with other kids. 
  3. You get to enjoy the sunshine on gorgeous days. You get to sit in the park, go for a walk, go to the beach... all in a days work
  4. You get to enjoy the wet days too. The museums, libraries, playgroups, movies and you can pretend that its all for the kids!
  5. What better way to let out the child within than with children as an excuse, act crazy and play all the games that you like
  6. Getting the privilege to watch the little people develop and learn and grow is an amazing experience. From the first words, to the first wobbly walk, and first day at school. 
  7. All the cuddles and kisses make the tantrums and bad behaviour all worth it.
Any other reasons?

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