Friday, 28 March 2014

seriously people its not winter yet!

Ok so I have decided to have a fashion rant... I'm NO fashion expert, quiet the opposite; I love nothing better then a good pair of jeans and a top, a bit of bling and I'm done. Ok so today it is officially 'Autumn' and the temperature has slightly fallen, and by slightly I mean that it has gone from around 28 degrees to maybe 22 degrees. 22 degrees in some countries is considered the height of summer! If you live in Sydney you know that it has been raining on and off for about the last three days. So driving I saw an image of someone in this outfit (well not this one exactly but similar):

As I said earlier, I'm no fashion expert but I do think that this outfit is really cute IF IT IS REALLY COLD LIKE BELOW 10 DEGREES AT LEAST or if your unwell or a newborn baby or the elderly!
When everyone else is wearing clothes like this:

I think you might have a problem! For some reason it really grates on me when people are such fashion sheep that they don't wake up and look outside first.
Anyway thats my friday rant for you... have a good weekend everyone xx

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