Friday, 7 March 2014

Mothers Group

I love fridays... its the end of the week and I'm all set for the weekend to spend with my gorgeous hubby doing things that I don't get to do during the week.. things mainly that I get to do without Lucy when daddy and daughter have bonding time.

Another reason that I love fridays is that I get to go and meet my mothers group. I joined with Lucy when she was only three weeks old, I did it so I could get out of the house (I'm not a big home body!) and wanted some adult interaction with people in the same boat as me.. mainly sleep deprived walking zombies!

Throughout the weeks we all got to know each other and what started as sitting quietly and watching the instructor try to teach us things, turned into coffee, parks and laughs.

Now that all the babies are slowly getting bigger, some of the mums have gone back to work, some have moved or are about to move and one mum is due to have baby number 2. Our lives are moving on and we are all getting on with it, but I do enjoy just sitting with a good cup of coffee (or a bad one sometimes) and all the kids playing on the grass. I'm with a group of women that are so completely different but it doesn't really matter because we share the one common thing.. being mums to our gorgeous bubs. I'm enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity to soak in the sun, grass and the great company and take a little break from everyday life.

I think everyone should look into joining a mothers group, especially if it is your first baby. It might not be for you but you will never know who you can meet and how much fun you can have. And also its always nice to have someone to talk to that will listen and be interested in you baby when all your child free friends have heard enough of baby talk! Your local Early Childhood Centre can get you in touch with a mothers group starting soon in your area.

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