Thursday, 6 March 2014

Nanny Talk - Tip 1

I have decided to dedicate a page specifically for nanny talk. Now I wont be just lecturing nannies on what to do and what not to do (might only do that once in a while!), but more jot down any pointers, advice or stories that I have heard or experienced through my own working life. If anyone else has a story to tell or advice to give I'd love to hear it. I love comments!
I would like to start with what I believe is the most important tip for a successful and happy working life as a nanny.

Tip 1

  • Pick carefully the family you will end up working for. I find that learning to love the babies and kids is easy, but fitting into a families daily life and becoming a part of their 'family' is much more difficult. Pick parents that you can work with and can respect and uphold their ideology of child rearing. Go to many interviews and spend considerable time talking to the parents to get to know them well before making a decision. 
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