Friday, 18 April 2014

Our Easter way of painting eggs

We have had this tradition in our family forever. It stems from being Polish and celebrating Easter even more than Christmas, so since I was a kid we painted eggs on Good Friday. I can't imagine Easter without the eggs and without the painting.. and its not your ordinary painting, we use wax to create the design and food colouring to give the eggs colour.

Every year my mum would get out the wax and melt it on the stove and we would use match sticks to slowly dip into the wax and create patterns on the eggs. Mostly it was the females of the family that participated and the kids. Once in a while one the guys would attempt as well and pretend they didn't enjoy it even though they usually did.

This year my parents have moved away too far for us to just go for the one day to paint eggs so my sister is hosting the event, and even though my little Lucy is too small to enjoy the experience as yet, I cant wait to show her how it's all done when she is a bit older.

I do believe that some traditions are worth keeping and it is an important way to remember the past and keep it moving forward. My husband and I are from two different cultures, so it can be hard to combine traditions but keeping things from both our pasts is important too.

Happy Easter Everyone

hot wax melted on the stove

using long sticks to mark eggs

scraping eggs when they have been painted

finished product

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