Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wollongong and other shenanigans..

I have been kind of absent from my blog. Its just been that kind of busy around here... the kind of busy that you don't have ten minutes to write or even think about writing. And its not unpleasant busy, actually its been a lot of fun... we've had a family Easter weekend; my nephew who lives a few hours away from us came and stayed for a couple of days; we had a friends birthday that involved a few drinks at a really cool Mexican bar; and we celebrated our wedding anniversary by going away to Wollongong for a night. Why Wollongong you ask? simply because I have driven past it many times but never have I been. So we thought, Why not?

We stayed at a nice hotel with a great view from our balcony....

...well that part wasn't the best but the hotel room was and going out for a long lunch with my husband (while Lucy was looked after by my mum) was. We ate, we drank, and we ate some more. In the evening we managed to even dance at the Illawarra Hotel... we were the OLDEST people in the place and were wearing more clothes then anyone else, but after a beer or two we stopped noticing.

so overall a great couple of weeks was had... I forgot to mention the most important development by my gorgeous Lucy... she had started to use her push walker to walk around the house...much too soon I think!

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