Friday, 2 May 2014

Puff the magic Dragon and other such music that I now listen to

I use to be all about the music, my hubby is all about the music... we have music in every room, we go to concerts and we (well he mostly) knows music. It came as a bit of a surprise this morning as I walked into the living room after my gorgeous sleep in, that I encountered Lucy and Hubby dancing away to "Puff the magic dragon"! Who would have thought?

We were so determined to give Lucy the best musical education, I was thinking classical music to stimulate her and some Beatles (cause you can't go past THE Beatles) and Hubby was hoping for Metallica and of course The Foos. So it came as a bit of a surprise for me as I entered the room and saw them dancing to kids music...what have we come to?!

It amazing the amount of things that we were "never going to do!" that have now become everyday life, music just being one of them. I have spend years going to Rhyme Time at libraries, singing and dancing at Einsteinz music classes and I still believe that music plays an important part in development. I have throughout my years kept kids music in 'activities' and only listened to adult music at home. I still remember little Selena at the age of 3 singing to James Blunt 'You're Beautiful', making up the lyrics as she sang along, a Great memory.

And now, with little Lucy its all out the window. Hubby downloaded kids music and every morning I wake up to it playing. But its not as bad as I imagined, the smile on her face and her bopping up and down to it makes it tolerable if not enjoyable.

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