Thursday, 19 June 2014

I can Knit!

My gorgeous beanie model
I have been reading all these blogs on knitting and thought, impossible I just don't have time! But then I realised that every night I sit on the couch watching TV and playing candy crush! There has got to be better things for me to do!

So last week I went out bought some knitting needles and some cheap yarn and went on You Tube to see how to knit. Once I watched a video for beginners I realised that I have done this before.  My mum taught me when I was ten and I completely forgot about it but once I had the needles in my hands I realised I actually knew how its done!

first attempt at knitting 
I started with a scarf, it wasn't my best creation but apparently when your starting, a scarf is a great way to practise the basics. Then I found a great blog Fibre Flux, they have great beginner patterns and tutorials. So now I spent my time at craft shops and looking up patterns, at least I am off my candy crush addiction. If you want to learn to knit, I found this website really helpful and the tutorials were really great for beginners, click here for the link.
finished product

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