Monday, 23 June 2014

We are Going on a Holiday!

packed the baby!
This week we are going on a holiday. Not just any little holiday but a long plane journey holiday. I'm really looking forward to going to the UK to see family and friends and to catch up. Most have not met Lucy so it will be a fun holiday with lots to do and see and Lucy will turn 1 while we are there! There's a party already planned for her by her grandparents and I personally can't wait.
Also, though winter only came a week or so ago here in Sydney, I'm ready to go somewhere a little warmer, where the days are longer and my arms get a little bit of sun.

This is our first journey overseas with Lucy and I'm slightly worried... well slightly might be putting it mildly. My little girl is fun and loving and HATES being cooped up! If I don't take her out in the morning and then again in the afternoon, I might as well start pulling my hair out cause she will drive me NUTS! So you can imagine my tribulations at the idea of 22 hours on a plane being confined to an area about the size of her cot. Lets just say I'm worried! we have taken peoples advice and bought new toys and books and downloaded shows on the iPad, but I still worry because I personally just can't imagine it.

As a childless person I still wasn't keen on flying long journeys (just like Lucy I HATE being cooped up and confined... guess she gets it from me!) but I tolerated it with sleeping pills and LOTS of movies. I use to complain if I had a seat next to a child (to be fair, working all year with kids, my holidays were always planned as kid free zones) and now I will be the person that people won't want to sit next to and I won't be blaming them.

The packing has also got more complicated with all the extra debates on what to take and what is not necessary, putting things in the suitcase and then back again. To take the pram or not to? To take a sleeping bag or not bother? amount of nappies, wipes, food, change of clothes....etc etc? the questions continues along with the mess in the house.

So wish us all luck and if you don't hear from me for a bit there is a good excuse, we are on HOLIDAY!

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