Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lucy is ONE!

OMG she is 1! My little angel has turned 1.. I still recall the moment that they put her in my arms and I thought 'what a funny little face' and she did have a funny face and from day one pulled the funniest expressions. She still does really but now they are much more controlled.

She melted my heart on this day last year and she still melts my heart with everything she does. And I never thought I wanted to be a mum but now can't imagine any other way of being.

Her first birthday is spend in the UK, among her British family and friends who don't get the pleasure of seeing her daily and she is going to be spoilt rotten. Its on days like these that I always think how much simpler it would all be if we all lived in the same country. I know both my hubby and Lucy would love it, but I don't think I could give up sunshine and my lifestyle that easily.

I have loved every moment of the last year and could not imagine now life without my Lucy, so I'm looking forward to the next years and the adventures that Mike, Lucy and I will encounter.

Love you my sausage
Day 1
and now 1 year old

walking at 1

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