Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lucy is on the move

This week Lucy has reached another milestone. She had finally got up the courage and taken her first steps away from the couch and into my arms!

It was a great moment and she was so proud of herself and I just kicked myself for not having my camera ready to take a picture.. Oh well since then we have plenty of pictures of her attempts at walking.

She is such a brave little sausage, not caring that she can't yet walk, she just goes for it and most of the time ends up on her bum. But I applaud her for trying and I'm sure anytime soon she will have the whole process sorted out. I just have to remember to enjoy this time when she is still slow enough for me to walk behind her because I can just imagine that once she perfects it, she won't be walking but running everywhere.

In two weeks, Lucy turns one... OMG the countdown begins!

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