Friday, 6 June 2014

My 10 wet weather activities around Sydney

I have spend many hours trying to work out what to do with kids when it rains. There is only so much indoor activities that you can do at home before cabin fever sets in and you need to GET OUT. So I have compiled a list of activities that I like to do now with Lucy and activities that I have done with other kids that I have looked after here in Sydney. I guess we need the rain, so let it rain and lets stay dry :)
  • Powerhouse museum - I love the Powerhouse! You can get there by bus or the light rail or just drive in. I've never had problems finding a car park. The museum has great exhibitions that will interest the older kids but there is also a lot to do for the young ones. For one there is Wiggles World where all things Wiggles are seen! Also a variety of play stations throughout for little ones to ran around or crawl through. Only $15 for adults and free for under 4s, its a great wet weather day activity. Check out the website Here.
  • Plaster Painting - This activity is for a bit older kids, 3+. It is crafty and messy and can be a lot of fun, especially if you have kids that love craft and you want to take the mess out of the house. It is not the cheapest option but a great way to spend a couple of hours and you take the plaster art work home to show off to everyone!  Here is a link to the one at Fox Studios, but if you Google it, there is one close to everyone.
  • Australian National Museum - The National Museum is great for kids that can walk and appreciate the giant dinosaurs in their skeletal display and the kid section in the end is great for some educational play and activities. Here is a link to the museum to see all the latest exhibitions.
  • Shopping centres - The good old shopping centre needs to get a vote as an activity for when it is horrid outside. Some are better then others at providing fun activities for kiddies. Most will have a show on during school holidays and the really good ones have great play equipment for kids of all ages, my favourites include Top Ryde CityChatswood ChaseBroadway and East gardens.
  • Play dates - Its great if you have friends that have kids the same age as yours and you can just drop over for a coffee and the kids can play for an hour or two with a variety of different toys. There are lots of mummy and nanny networks on Facebook that have been formed just for such a purpose.
  • Coffee shops - Coffee shops that have play equipment or that are child friendly are a great way to spend some time as well, you can have a cup of coffee or tea and your baby can have some babycino. Some are better then others, I loved going to About Life in Rozelle, they had tables at the back with a toy section that kept kids entertained. Have a look at Little Eats for all the child friendly places in your area.
  • Playgroups - Playgroups are great and you can generally find one for each day of the week if your prepared to travel. I have spend many years attending and never regretted it, the kids had fun and I got to tire them out and relax with a cuppa. Some have waiting lists but others you can come along whenever you want. Have a look Here, for one in your area.
  • Library - Also one of my regulars and if you read this Blog you will know that Lucy and I are loving Rhyme Time every week. Look up your local library for all activities offered and get out of the rain.
  • Play Centre - By Play Centres I mean Lollipops Playland and similar centres. They can be pricey but if you have a toddler that can walk they will love it and even better if you con one of your friends with kids to come along as well. You sit and chat while kids play.
  • Movies - If your kids are old enough to enjoy a movie then this is a good way to spend a couple of hours or if you have a really little one you should consider 'mums n bubs' sessions. Most cinemas ran them during the school term and if you time it right you can enjoy a movie while your baby sleeps in the pram or on your lap. Here is the link for the Event cinema website.

I do hope that the above list has been helpful and I am sure I have missed out on activities so will love to hear of any others?

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