Sunday, 13 April 2014

a weekend of searching for the perfect bag/nappy bag and the Aquarium

This weekend I have been on a search for the perfect (nappy) bag. I'm finding it actually really hard because I don't want a bag that actually looks like a nappy bag but a bag big enough to be able to take all the extra stuff that I carry daily. I'm talking a lot of stuff, my stuff, my daughters stuff and on occasion the stuff of a 12 and a 7 year old! So it needs to be big... but comfortable and not look like a big and roomy bag. That's just in case I need to throw all the baby and kid stuff out and can still use it as a normal bag on the off chance that I go somewhere without a child in tow!

So, you say Impossible? I say a challenge! so below are my top pics so far, let me know what is your favourite I'm finding it hard to decide?!

Bag 1 from Storksak (Elizabeth tan leather bag)

Bag 2 from Maranda Lee

Bag 3 from Lust Nappy bag (
Also took the family on an outing to the Sydney Aquarium. It was raining so seemed like a great idea... it took an hour in a queue to get in but Lucy loved it and in turn so did I and hubby. Was worth it just seeing her gorgeous face light up.

Hope everyone had a great weekend

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