Friday, 11 April 2014

Should a nanny discipline kids in their care?

Discipline is an important topic to discuss that should be seen as a priority between a parent and their nanny. How much power should a nanny have to discipline kids that are not theirs? Teachers are continuously having more and more disciplinary power taken away from them. 30 years ago a teacher could use a ruler to hit a child's hands if they were not behaving and now they are not allowed to raise their voices just in case its considered 'bullying'. So what about a nanny? A nanny is not a teacher but often looks after kids that are school age, so what rules should apply to a nanny? A nanny is not a parent but cares for a child in the same capacity as a parent. So if the parents smack their children, should the nanny as well or is she to follow other rules?

I always thought this was an important subject and one worth talking about. I have looked after children with parents of different opinions when it comes to discipline and I think its paramount that discipline is discussed in the first meeting. I have always been of the opinion that a nanny should never raise a hand to a child that's not her own but should respect the disciplinary measures that the parents followed (as long as the child is not being abused that is!).

So what is your opinion on the matter? If the parents you work for asked that you smack the child as a disciplinary measure, would you be comfortable to do it? Would you work with parents that smack? 

Smacking is the most violent form of discipline, but what other forms of discipline should a nanny be  allowed to perform? what about the naughty corner (or a version of it)?  or taking things away as a disciplinary measure? Or should the nanny leave all forms of discipline to the parents and only report bad behaviour?
Would love to hear all thoughts?

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